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infinite 259/365 ∞ sungjong 37/52


Infinite ahjummas.

siwoo practically kissing the mic


Real men have milk-mustaches.

End of story.

❝ annyeong, i’m charisma, L.

woohyun on his knees

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140916 {IG] romantic_gelato_laboum

유쾌하고 밝은 에너지가 넘치셨던#인피니트의#호야님! 앞으로도 저희 #romantic gelato laboum 자주 찾아 주실꺼죠?

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What makes me smile

Shinhwa (6-1=0),

Infinite, Hoya, Wooya, Myungya, recently I've been having big feels for Hogyu.

Appa Odiga, Sung Joon

Studio Ghibli, Totoro

Ask me anything! My ask box is up there!

I've recently started writing about Infinite on aff too where I assume the name missyb. If you like reading Infinite ff go find me there and let's chat!

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