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Woohyun & Hoya talked about ‘Only Tears’


They like a real brother that so warm and so cute~~♥(´˘`๑) 



that moment when myungsoo puts howon at a loss for words

myungsoo tries to hide his chest but hoya foils his plans ©

 myungsoo x dubu


121228 | arriving at kbs gayo daechukje
© hoya time | do not edit/crop/remove watermark 

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What makes me smile

Shinhwa (6-1=0),

Infinite, Hoya, Wooya, Myungya, recently I've been having big feels for Hogyu.

Appa Odiga, Sung Joon

Studio Ghibli, Totoro

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I've recently started writing about Infinite on aff too where I assume the name missyb. If you like reading Infinite ff go find me there and let's chat!

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