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yadong dance party ft. drummer namu ⌒ ∇ ⌒ )

sunggyu and dongwoo making sure of woohyun’s mistake on stage


infinite’s hilarious reaction to Ylvis & Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar Remix performance at 2013 MAMA~

Best of INFINITE in 2013 - When Woohyun Tied His Shoelaces In The Middle of a Performance

Save Me

Do you hear me? … Do you hear me? OH!ಠ益ಠ

Infinite Sungjong is taking over the MC spot left by BEAST Dongwoon and will host alongside Super Junior Ryeowook in MNET’s ‘Super Idol Chart Show’.

MNET officials told MyDaily on 28th, “Sungjong is confirmed for ‘Super Idol Chart Show’. He will balance the hosting together with Super Junior…

Nam Woohyun as Shin Woohyun [Behind The Scene]


What makes me smile

Shinhwa (6-1=0),

Infinite, Hoya, Wooya, Myungya, recently I've been having big feels for Hogyu.

Appa Odiga, Sung Joon

Studio Ghibli, Totoro

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I've recently started writing about Infinite on aff too where I assume the name missyb. If you like reading Infinite ff go find me there and let's chat!

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