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Pray for South Korea

Oh this is horrible. Why???!


Lee Howon and his sitting postures

Anonymous Asked:
aww what happened to his hand? ;(

My answer:


He injured his hand during this is infinite ep 7 filming! He was asked to break 30 pieces of wood sheets and it was too thick for him! 

And after the filming he went to film our neighbourhood arts and physical education and his role was to break the wood sheets and it just make his hand condition even worst :( You can see it here that he used his right hand to break the woods which was injured during this is infinite :(

But he did assure fans that he is fine through his tweet! I guess he still haven fully recover which explain why he was still wearing hand brace during open concert in LA! 

Woohyun + food


Ohmygod woohyun that’s so gayyyyy~

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Lesson Learned: Kim Sunggyu, never say never


140412 Hoya for me, LA K-POP Festival in Los Angeles, LA Memorial Coliseum

He’s my favorite and he knows it?

P.S. Feel free to edit/do what you want just link me, I’d like to see what you made.^^ Please credit me/ @tearsairport if you’re taking this out and uploading by yourself again. (note: that twitter is locked, but I have a public account @goldengutgirl. Thank you!)

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What makes me smile

Shinhwa (6-1=0), Infinite, Hoya, Wooya, Myungya

Smap, Appa Odiga, Sung Joon

Studio Ghibli, Totoro

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