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myungsoo with his guitar

man in love show champion win : because they don’t leave members behind

INFINITE MusicBank Mexico Greetings

Anonymous Asked:
Hi!!!~~ Do you know where I can find This Is Infinite videos? I cant find ep3. Help me, pretty please??

My answer:

Here you go. Click on the link! :) 

Howon’s dream back in 2012

(I know the show was broadcasted in 2013 but the date on the photobook they made on the show was July 2012. Interestingly, the date was before the airdate for Reply 1997)

shared by: fyeah-infinite; take out with full credits;
download link: mediafire

that’s nam woohyun’s hand alright…


What makes me smile

Shinhwa (6-1=0),

Infinite, Hoya, Wooya, Myungya, recently I've been having big feels for Hogyu.

Appa Odiga, Sung Joon

Studio Ghibli, Totoro

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I've recently started writing about Infinite on aff too where I assume the name missyb. If you like reading Infinite ff go find me there and let's chat!

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